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Gayle Brook, Amy Wagenfeld, and Cathy Thompson



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As an early childhood educator I noted the increasing numbers of students that had difficulty with their cutting and pencil grip skills. Through implementing techniques from Fingergym I was able to aid the students in becoming confident and capable workers without the frustrations of not being able to complete the task. Thank you Fingergym.
Natalie Pearce
Preschool Teacher
Brisbane, Australia


Fingergym is great! Not only are the kids developing strong fine motor skills but they are actively engaged in the activities Fingergym provides. To hear the children yell that their ‘fingers feel strong’ really shows me how effective this program is. Fingergym is a must have in every classroom.
Mike Unwin,
Massachusetts, USA


Fingergym is one of the most valuable and exciting resources I've ever used in the classroom. The children instantly love the program and the fun they have. Every week at Fingergym time I had children begging to be able to go in to the sessions. That speaks volumes about the program and its creators and the benefits it provides to children!
Robynne McLachlan
Primary School Teacher


I have been using Fingergym since the start of 2007. I just ran a PD session
on Fingergym at my classroom this afternoon and had 15 other teachers from other schools attend — they all think its great and are excited to be able to go back to their schools and and get the program up and running ASAP.
Vani Woods
Prep Teacher & P-3 Co-ordinator


I wish we started Fingergym sooner!  The kids think it's all about Fidget and have incorporated him into their daily play.
Melanie Hayward,
Lead Teacher
Massachusetts, USA





I just love Fingergym and sometimes at night I cry because I want to be back at Fingergym.
Nathaniel, age 5

Ohh, this is sooo cooool!
Rosie, age 5

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